• I thought this articulated a common feeling I have really well. The specific people that comprise a project team matter hugely to its success. I didn’t realize how exhausting it is to continually be told otherwise.
  • This was a much needed refresher on goal setting at the current stage of my career.
  • Together, those really reminded me of the importance of relationships in software careers. I’ve often neglected this, but it gives me a lot of hope for achieving greater integrity. As per Monica, guess it’s time to make a plan to improve that.


  • This was great. It really gets at the root of a certain sort of careless and callous refactor proposal. Thanks for sharing, Phil!
  • Coming up on 10 years in industry next month! Time for that sabbatical?

effectiveness over efficiency

  • I thought a lot about efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity this week. That was spurred in part by reflections on this. I think a workplace that respects the value of slack/creative time is going to be a requirement for me going forward.

  • This was a great overview of the state of streaming systems. Really inspiring! I’d love to dig into noria some more, although after reading Carl Hart’s advice on how to read academic abstracts, maybe I should take those promises with a little salt 😅.


  • Wow, learned from this that Perlin noise was invented for Tron! That’s pretty cool. Still very interested to try my hand at some generative.

  • Twitter is still noisy and overwhelming.

knuth! lethain!

  • This Don Knuth quote has been a helpful mantra.

A system cannot be successful if it is too strongly influenced by a single person. Once the initial design is complete and fairly robust, the real test begins as people with many different viewpoints undertake their own experiments.

  • My list of Markdown frustrations is growing. Is that, like, my problem now?

  • This was a great read and helped me articulate some impulses I’ve had recently. In fact, just this week I merged a PR to track some render performance metrics that get measured from an integration test (to use the lingo: a tracked property). That was actually a follow up that should allow me to progressively tune the asserted property that is the failure of that test if render performance dips below a regression threshold. Fun to put a better name to those ideas! Now to use them as preventative measures like he says.

  • I think I drew my first ever architecture diagram this week. It felt liberating! I think I’ve really undervalued visual learning for a long time.