• This Don Knuth quote has been a helpful mantra.

A system cannot be successful if it is too strongly influenced by a single person. Once the initial design is complete and fairly robust, the real test begins as people with many different viewpoints undertake their own experiments.

  • My list of Markdown frustrations is growing. Is that, like, my problem now?

  • This was a great read and helped me articulate some impulses I’ve had recently. In fact, just this week I merged a PR to track some render performance metrics that get measured from an integration test (to use the lingo: a tracked property). That was actually a follow up that should allow me to progressively tune the asserted property that is the failure of that test if render performance dips below a regression threshold. Fun to put a better name to those ideas! Now to use them as preventative measures like he says.

  • I think I drew my first ever architecture diagram this week. It felt liberating! I think I’ve really undervalued visual learning for a long time.